Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Questions from Little People

My son Rhody and I were walking when he said, Mummy do you tell wishes? What do you mean, I said. Tell people wishes, he said. Oh, I said. I thought about this for a little while. Then I said, Yes then  you may get what you wish for. Later that evening, after dinner, I said, what do you wish for Rhody? He said, for Santa to bring me all the presents.I laughed inside, glad he is still only 5.

Tonight before bed, Rhody and I were snuggling and he said, "you know Mummy, the caravan is like a pouch. My heart sang! We are currently camping in the Flinders Ranges and their are alot of Kangaroos and their Joey's (baby Kangaroos, who live in their Mother's Pouch) free ranging around the camping area.

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The Words Crafter said...

Your post, actually your son's comments, made me chuckle. One of the best things about working in childcare is all the innocent, and sometimes profound things kids say. I love their magical thinking!