Friday, June 4, 2010

Weather Observations, New Work, Turlee and Mungo National Park

Well we have been travelling now for 7 months. I've got a persistent sore left hip and I am missing my washing machine. Travelling like this is very physical and some of the positions I get myself into are frustrating , living in such a small space is mentally and physically challenging. However I'm always up for a challenge. Luckily I can open my caravan door to the great outdoors.

After our lovely break in the Yarra Valley we have been touring around Victoria and made a quick visit back to New South Wales,Turlee, (which I forgot?) where we stayed on a station for 3 nights, and visited Mungo National Park. I am posting this from the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. So you might appreciate my blury head space. Turlee is where I started on some new work about weather for a group exhibition I am participating in next year. Turlee, treated us to amazing sunrises and sunsets which has inspired this new work. I am very excited about the show and I am also making a video work to present. Below are some images I took whilst on my stay.

New work progressing and observing a little cloud on the way to Turlee

The Shearing Shed Hat, symbols that reminded me I was on a Station way out West

Turlee Sunset

Country people have to have a sense of humour, Turlee

Turlee's Shearing Shed. Imagine the stories that come out of here.This is were felt comes from.

Willandra Lake, Mungo National Park. This took me back to the Serengeti in Africa I was imagining giraffes, elephant and wild animals herding and grazing.

On the other side of the lake, Walls of China

Mary (Me) shearing my little lamb, Mungo Station wool shed.
I remember fondly as a child playing in my Nanna and Poppy's shearing shed. It
was such a place of fantasy for a Young girl. I used to fly over to WA in the school holidays. My Nanna and Poppy who have both now passed owned a very large sheep and wheat property near the Stirling ranges in Western Australia. Talk about hard work as a women back then. They were the pioneers.


The Words Crafter said...

Where to start? First, I could never travel around like you do...not a road trip person, but I just love the pics you could really see China's walls-that's amazing! And the Mungo sheep shearing place reminded me of The Thorn Birds movie...I have a thing for trees and love the one with the red/orange background. Hope you're having fun!

Candice Herne said...

Thanks WC, Yes I totally understand road tripping is not for everyone.Especially with the extra noise of 2 children. It definately has it's moments.Thorn Birds has been on my parents book shelf for as long as I can remember. I have never read it. It's a movie to? I must watch it.

Nicola Moss said...

Great images Candice, love the shearing shed.
Your sky photos with clouds looks great.

Sophie Munns said...

I love this post Candy!
I have been missing out... this week I seem to have had time to breathe out (and remembering the things I've missed doing of late)... like seeing where you are and what you are up to!

Brilliant photos... as Nicola commented... the sheds with all their lines and light and dark contrasts. The one with light peeking through all the gaps in the horizontal planks!

The rough hewn timber is also really appealing... when you think of the work that people put in to create these pioneering farms and such.

One must have needed a sense of humour to deal with the vagaries of that way of life - that and lots of grit !

So... I scrolled back and there's snow and there's the Murray and there are all these amazing places you have been!

7 months I read... really... amazing!

But i know with long travels there is the weariness and the things that can go wrong or are cause for concern. There is this idea that if you are not at home and not 'working' than it is all a big carnival..but life still happens... the day has to be shaped and routines covered.... problems sorted.

Its a marvellous time out for thinking and musing though.... time out in the sense that the break with habitual life allows deep musing on what might be ahead... what might be ...or desired.

All fascinating stuff which you are no doubt dealing with as I write.

I was pretty blown away to see those carrots... if you see any seeds or hear anything fitting the homage to the seed blog will you send in an dispatch from the bush for me to post?

best to you all!
S x