Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yin Yang Politics

OMG! I just herd the news that Julia Gillard is now Prime Minister of Australia. I just watched a snippet on the ABC (we thankfully have one analogue TV channel) I became very emotional seeing Julia being sworn in by our female Governer General Quentin Bryce. What a momentous occassion for women! The first Australian female Prime Minister. I was also quite sad for Kevin Rudd. He lead some very important change in Australian History. Kevin was the change Australia had to have and Julia will be the change to make it happen. Here's hoping!

When ever I saw Kevin and Julia I often thought of Yin (associated with femininity) Yang, associated with masculinity)

In Taoist philosophy, the nature of yin and yang arise together from an initial quiescence or emptiness and continue moving in tandem until quiescence is reached again. For instance, dropping a stone in a calm pool of water will simultaneously raise waves and lower troughs between them, and this alternation of high and low points in the water will radiate outward until the movement dissipates and the pool is calm once more. Yin–yang, thus, are always opposite and equal qualities. Further, whenever one quality reaches its peak it will naturally begin to transform into the opposite quality: grain that reaches its full height in summer (fully yang) will produce seeds and die back in winter (fully yin) in an endless cycle.

It is impossible to talk about yin or yang without some reference to the opposite, since yin–yang are bound together as parts of a mutual whole. A race with only men or only women would disappear in a single generation; but men and women together create new generations that allow the race they mutually create (and mutually come from) to survive. The interaction of the two gives birth to things. Yin and yang transform each other: like an undertow in the ocean, every advance is complemented by a retreat, and every rise transforms into a fall. Thus, a seed will sprout from the earth and grow upwards towards the sky – an intrinsically yang movement. Then when it reaches its full potential height it will fall.


Sophie Munns said...

well Candy....
yes and yes!
could not agree more really on your reflections about the political scenario and the nature of things! Lovely reflections on the later in particular!
I often have no idea what's happening in TV land but heard a tone in Julia Gillard's voice early yesterday evening that made me leave the computer to go see who was talking and later in the evening I sat with my mother watching - struck by the inevitable news that seemed to be coming into being as we watched.
Then tonight home after seeing the opening night of the film FOOD inc (talk about spot on!) I saw the various sound bites of the day! fast things are moving. I was utterly struck at the resolve of Kevin last night... that brilliant delivery when he could have been shaken to the core... but I guess the light of day brought the emotion... and the decision to go...quietly and to remain in the parliament ... Im rather sorry to see these past few months play out as they did!
Yes...a woman Prime Minister is something to celebrate... all feels a little shaky ... like there is going to be more to this in hindsight than presently meets the eye.
Oh well... on we go...see you Candy!

The Words Crafter said...

I loved learning about Yin/Yang as you taught makes life so much more interesting and calm, frightening and reassuring...thanks!