Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Media, Power and Maddy's first blog.

Hello there. It's Maddy :) Seeing as my aunty already told you all a bit about me, there is really no need to dribble on with pish pash getting-to-know-each-other nonsense, as this is a blog not an overrated dating site.  :)

I know Candy introduced me quite a while ago, and I have been very keen to do this whole guest blogger doo, but my computer doesn't like blogspot for some odd reason, so I'll just get straight into it. 
Suicidal Television, photographed by Maddison Mosbey

The photo above is one a snapped on my phone on my way home from school. First thing I thought was; Suicidal Television. Then that brought me on to the topic of the media, and how it manipulates the audience. A good example of this is the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. One of the pigs, Squealer represents the media in the real word, he as a pig assures the other animals of the farm that what Napoleon is doing is always right. But enough about the book because I had to read it for school and do an essay on it, now it's all I can think about, dear lord.
In real world, the media keeps the majority of the public in fear, by raising and distorting rumors and scams that will eventually kill you if you don't spend all your time and money on this televison program to stop it.
What I'm getting at here is that TV has become literally shit. Like no joke. When I see a television I see a pile of poo. The 'reality' shows that are aired, are nothing like reality at all. The reality is that TV is not only bad for you're mental health, but also the people fueling the programs. They go crazy with power.

So, enough of my rant, hopefully my next post will be on a happier note!

Already I have put five links on my page, hahaa and three of them are from Wikipedia, which I really should not trust as a source. But it's so darn good and easy. 

P.S. That last link, is very interesting.

XXX Maddy :)


Nicola Moss said...

Good on you Maddy, tell it like it is. I like this approach, don't forget it as you get older. Unfortunately I think supply and demand also dictates what is aired on TV, which comes first, if people stopped watching all the rubbish, perhaps we would see more intelligent programming?
Do you have any thoughts on where balanced or more truthful information CAN be found?
Looking forward to more of your guest posts, well done!

The Words Crafter said...

I really enjoyed your post, and I completely agree with the whole reality tv junk. It's sad the way tv can influence perceptions and dictate what's "acceptable"...very thoughtful and provocative post!

Candice Herne said...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I may post an update on this post in the near future.

Nicola Moss; Thankyou for the comment and feedback :)In response to your question; I think more reliable information could possibly never be found. Everything seems to be covered up these days, from edited models, to the BP oil spill. Truth seems to be a rarity in the society we all live in. It's a shame.

The Words Crafter; Thanks for the positive feedback, it is really sad how people can be so easily changed and told what is (as a relative term) 'right' or 'wrong'.