Thursday, July 1, 2010

At the cross road

Well after being constantly frustrated with Blogger, waiting patiently while it decides if I can upload images in 5 seconds or 60mins. I went on my own hunt to see how I could speed up this process and upload images quicker. .Delete my images I thought. Well I sped things up alright I deleted my whole picasa web album. I tested deleting 3 images one by one to see how it affected my blog, as it warns that images deleted will be deleted from my blog. I checked my blog each time and no images were gone. I then checked my upload picture editing tool u know the one that gives u 3 options (from the blog, picasa album, Url) what happened to the one that just pops up Upload Images that's the one I always wanted.

Anyhow, hooray the images were gone which what I was hoping for. So in my mind the place that stored my images on my blog were gone, but the images on my blog were still there, perfect I thought. I don't have to wait 1 hour to upload images. I was very pleased with myself for cracking the code, my blog looked the same last night and this morning. It's afternoon now and all my images on my blog have gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! And apparently their is no way of restoring a deleted picasa web album.Blogger or Picasa do not have any backup. Of course I have all these images on my own external hardrive. However really do I want to upload 2 years worth of images. ???????? So here I am, with a blog with stories and post's with no corresponding images. I could get really creative here and go back and add new images to past posts, that could be interesting and I might do that. That could spice things up. Looking and responding in a new light to the past. I am more used to blogging now so I might see things differently now. Their are alot of creative things I could do. However is that going to solve the problem of waiting a very long time to upload images.hmmmm probably not, blogger is always working on it I read. So here I am, I may have to create a blog on my own website so I have control of everything and can right any wrongs and progress it as I want. In saying that, the reason I love blogger is because I like community and I really appreciate the global interactive communication. So here I am. Any thoughts anybody. I won't be doing anything for quite awhile while I figure some stuff out. So I am disappointed that my readers won't see any pictures that correspond to my past posts. I also feel a bit  jaded as my commitment to my blog over the last 2 years has gone. I feel this was my introduction period. As I stated I a,m feeling more comfortable now, (well not now). I am very definite that I will continue to blog, but where is my next big decision. For now I'll just carry on as usual. And I will be doing just that for now. Candyx

New images, new times! the past is history, the future a mystery, the present a gift
p.s. I also checked my facebook as my blog is streamed through my face book and all my posts still have their images. So their is a record on my facebook. which is good news. Does anyone no if you can back facebook up?????? this is incorrect my facebook images have gone too! I won't cry over spilt milk, but you may see a few tears over a spilt glass of good Cab Sav. I'm shaking my head!

By the way Maddy I loved your post and that image. Can't wait for the next one!


Julia said...

Wordpress works well. Talk to Jacob about hosting a wordpress blog on your own site. Or just get him to create one on your website.

The Words Crafter said...

I don't think facebook is backed up but you should be able to right click and select save image sorry that happened. I deleted duplicate images and they still disappeared from my blog. I did go back and replace them....

Sophie Munns said...

Holy Moly Candy!!!
I think I had a bit of a disaster with disappearing images when I started blogging and had some quick lessons then.
Ive also lost posts due to being overtired and clicking the wrong thing!
I reckon someone may help you out with the facebook thing... no ideas myself too un-tech-savvy!
You are being very calm and collected .... that impresses me....I'd be very upset! I have read some bloggers talking about how they lost their entire blog!
What I can talk about is when my house burnt down
-totally uninhabitable... but my possessions were still intact (miraculous and spooky) anyway ...some really good and positive new beginnings came my way... and made me think what had i been waiting for before!

You're such a good writer and photographer Candy... that is obvious to me... so that if you did nothing else all trip but write and take images that could not possibly be a bad thing!

I spent over 30 years just keeping jpurnals till I started blogging last year...and as you may have guessed I do love the blogosphere...but i am also glad I only got into it so late in the piece or I would not have written all the stuff by pen that I have or read books by the barrow load which I did! I got my first computer 2 years ago!
If I need to get full -time work next year or something shifts in my present life-circumstances I do know the blogging may go!
At this time it is what it is and later who knows.
Im sure restoring what was will be possible and if it helps at all... then just make sure you keep writing and making images...whether via blog, journal or film...thats what you do well... the medium is just pne part of the bigger picture...
good luck!
Sophie xx

Candice Herne said...

Thanks Julia, WC and Sophie, I really appreciate your feedback. I really don't know what to do except to keep going. I feel quite superficial about my blog even though I am committed to it. Funny really I don't feel that attached to it. Even though I am it. I don't know. In my head I think I have to be really upset about it, like it is something major. But my heart is saying what ever, it's only a blog! I am very used to starting over, dealing with challenges, disruptions. "That's life" I just need to be more patient and get technical people in to do more work for me. Be a bit smarter, next time. We live and we learn. love to u all and thanks I appreciated your helpful and wise comments. Sophie I'd love to send something in to your postcard project when i get 5 minutes. Candyxx and I am looking for interesting seed pods for u. I haven't come across anything spectacular yet, but I'm looking. Candyxx