Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finding an Oasis in the Northern Territory

 We stayed in Palmerston 20 minutes from Darwin camped in our friends backyard. It's winter in Australia. Right? You would never have guessed that, coming to Darwin. Boy is it hot! Our air conditioner had no real effect, so cooling off was our main aim whilst we were here. I have to hand it to the local Aboriginals who have adapted to this climate so well. Northern Territory is a hot, harsh landscape. Beautiful in lots of different parts, however you have to travel and walk along way to see the hidden gems which are the spectacular waterholes,wetlands and rock formations. And of course good fishing, but only in the wet season. I asked a local hairdresser who cut my hair, which was indeed of some TLC, what she loved about Darwin/Northern Territory. Because I was struggling to find anything to love. She said the Wet Season, which is in summer. She loved the storms and all the rain. I said how do you cope with the heat, she said she didn't worry about it as she was mostly inside with the air conditoners. Our friends laughed at me and said I would not cope in summer. I think I would if I had something interesting to do.

While we were here Rod was offered 5 different jobs as a carpenter, 4 local jobs paying good money and one working on Aboriginal housing in a community about 4 hours from Darwin, which payed even better money. And their were other very interesting opportunities I could have applied for. That seems to be the way it works in Darwin. Because it is a long way from other states in Australia. There is a high turnover of people coming and going. Which continually opens up different and interesting job opportunities, for government positions and local business. With all the opportunities and high turnover though it comes at a cost. Housing is very expensive, we looked into renting and a very basic house or unit starts at $500 a week. So the extra bit of money you may think you would be saving will get eaten up on daily expenses. As food is also another bigger cost. Someone has to pay for the freight.We also looked into schooling. Yes we definitely did consider it. The schools I were looking into were not interested. I was told I would have no chance to get into the schools I approached. it was full for a very long time. Our friends also mentioned that particular companies in Darwin had first priority for their children to attend these particular schools.

I also saw a very very good student art exhibition at the Darwin Art gallery. I must say though if I see another traditional Aboriginal painting, which they had a lot of, I am going to scream. I was really hoping to see something fresh at the gallery and I was lucky to see the student work. I was very impressed with conceptual and clear communication in which the artist used to describe their work. If you get a chance read the artists statements that go with the work.  If you click here it will take you straight to the catalogue 

I also checked out another contemporary gallery worth mentioning 24hr art click here to take you straight their

after consideration we travel on .......................................

Keeping cool
Mataranka, hot springs. What an Oasis!
Berry Springs, another Oasis


shontasia said...

look as if you had a ball..:)
chack me out!

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Candice, Thanks for the link to the student exhibition, thought provoking work, would be a great show to see.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola yes it was a great show. I really enjoyed the work and especially enjoyed reading about each work. It was very inspiring.

Hi Shontasia
I checked you out goodluck with your beauty blog.

And Joven I checked you out too. although I am not sure what I was looking at.