Friday, August 13, 2010

For Sophie-thank you!

What's this you ask? Well let me tell you a story.

Fellow artist Sophie Munns whom I met through the Brisbane Artist Developemnet Cooperative last year, wrote an article about my blog on her blog this past week. My first blog positive press. Oh this was quite exciting. What I really enjoyed is reading and seeing how she described my journey and the photo's she chose to use.As the chief editor of my blog I always post what pictures I like or I think may best illustrate what I am doing. So to see what images Sophie chose was fun. I celebrated in the acknowledgement, appreciation, friendliness, and interaction. I would also like to acknowledge those people who popped into see me care of Sophie.


 Robyn from South Africa at Art Propelled.blogspot I'm loving those flags! So a big thank you to Sophie, I look forward to seeing you when I get back. 

*Sophie has a very interesting blog, one which always informs, educates and is visually stimulating, check out the post she wrote about my blog here if you click here

So that is the recent Homage to Sophie, However there is more to the story. Sophie is currently Artist in Residence at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Queensland, Australia. Sophie is conducting a one year research, dissection and exploration to her on going fascination for the seed. You can read all about Sophie's residency here on her Residency blog Homage to the Seed . Last month Sophie asked people to send in handmade postcards to be included in her recent exhibition. She had a great response, local, National and International, bloggers, artists and the general public, contributed to her project. 

So this is what I am getting at. I would have loved to participated in her postcard project. However I missed the deadline. I emailed Sophie and told her that I was still searching for seeds for her. Regardless of deadlines, I would send in my offering. I won't mind telling you I was starting to get a little picky about what to send her. I was trying to find her a seed that spoke to me and said yes this is for Sophie. Well here it is especially for Sophie, (late but none the less for Sophie).

Now Sophie hasn't seen this yet, because I have not sent it to her, yet. But......... I thought after she did such I grand job on blogging, I'd open her present for her :) a little early. This present for her has been burning a whole in my van for a while. And sometimes you just can't beat good timing. So thanks Sophie, here's my homage to you and your seeds. I'll hand it over to you when I get back.

This seed pod is called a Baobab Nut, from the Baobab Tree, native to Africa and Australia. This nut was found under a Baobab Tree at Wyndham, Kimberley's, Western Australia. It is very unusual to find a complete nut without fur or cracks on the outside. It was like someone had left it there for me. Their is fruit and seeds inside.You can read all about it here.

I used a needle type tool to scratch/carve in to the shell to etch Sophie's name and draw the pattern. Carving Baobab Nuts is a very tradional Aboriginal art that has been practiced for many years.

p.s. if you pop over to Sophie's blog tell her I said thank you Candyxx


Sophie Munns said...

Wow Candy...what a sweetheart....this is the best thank you and the most wonderful homage which I can now post on the Seed blog....
Im overwhelmed you have really been so generous and Im very pleased two wonderful Robyn's from different parts of the southern hemisphere made a visit and left their calling card. i know others visited and people have said lovely things in appreciation of your blog and images... My mother actually drooled over the Mataranka photos when showing her!
It seems a few people wanted to join your travels...
You'd better watch out...someone will be trying to flag you down for a ride!
I imagine with life on the road... remoteness... and not always being around people blogging does bring the world to you.
I'll have to get you to do a guest blog before you get back..if you want to pull togther some images and text... maybe a little story on what you have experienced that really stands out... how it affected your ways of seeing - artistically, different ways?How you found different places....if that brough home anythingis particular about this country?
well...Im being called to go out till I return...enjoy the wonderful open spaces!!!
Big hug,
Sophie xoxo
If you have time!

The Words Crafter said...

I love the community and support out here in blogland. I'm very happy for you that Sophie put together such a wonderful post about you. And your gift is pretty amazing! When I first saw it, I thought you'd bought it from a specialty store-the carving is beautiful!

sophie munns said...

Liked Words crafter's thoughts on the way the blogosphere generates a sense of community and sharing.
Hope you are enjoying your week Candy,
S x

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie thank you! Glad you liked my seed offering. All that sounds interesting and achieveable we'll talk, when I get back. Yes blogging has definately been like a close friend while I have been travellng.I am enjoying the online chat, comments and reading. It does keep me up to date with the issues, people and things I am interested in. see u soon Candyxx

Hey WC! thank you, I'd like to see what I could do with a Dremmel tool,(electric engraver)I would get a deeper and richer carve.Making the pattern prominate. Hope you are doing well. Candyxx