Saturday, September 11, 2010

Night and Day Photographs

(Mt Isa city of Lights) you would think so taking a photograph at night from the look out. Alas it is a small mining town in Queensland.I was shocked to see the active mine right on the bustling door step of the town. Bizarre? I thought.

Our stop for the next week. Camped outside the RSL. We are hanging out here so we have mobile connection. Rod's Dad was in hospital having open heart surgery. He is out now, however he struggled in intensive care for the whole week. We decided to make our way to Hervey Bay to welcome him home. While we were here in Mt Isa they had Australia's biggest Rodeo. Yeeha!
Cowboy Corral

Bull riding

The burning of the big bull

Side show Alley, remember the Zipper for all you Aussie's, I think I would puke now!

Rhody walking around the stands

where is the cowboy, can you see him?

'untitled' photograph, taken at the Mt Isa Rodeo, 2010 copyright Candice Herne

( I still don't know how to get a copyright symbol using the laptop)

all photographs by Candice Herne and Rodney Nash


The Words Crafter said...

My laptop doesn't have a copyright symbol. I can find one in Word under bullets.

Those night photos were awesome but I, too, wonder at a mining town right next to a city....

The rodeo looks like fun. I can still ride roller coasters, but not if they go round and round. Then I'd be the one puking! :)

Candice Herne said...

Thanks WC I'll try bullets and cut and paste. Yes I hear you round and round. I even struggle on the toddlers cup and saucer ride. take care. Candyxx

Robyn said...

These photos are inspiring and exciting.
I love the adventure you are sharing here on your blog.