Thursday, September 9, 2010

Over night stops and open spaces

Our first overnight stay was at the Daly Waters Pub. We didn't know about this and stumbled upon it. We could have stayed in the caravan park on the high way. However we decided to turn into the town of Daly Waters to have a look. There is not much their. But it was bustling with life and full of colour. We checked in to stay on the grounds and attended the Beef and Barra Barbeque that evening and was entertained by Frank Turton and his chicken. Such a great night of outback Australian entertainment. Rhody was plucked from the crowd to help Frank sing a song, which turned into a whole spontaneous performance from Rhody egged on by Frank. Rhody commented that he felt like a Super Star.

Frank Turton (the Chook man)

We left Daly Waters the next morning and headed towards Queensland. We travelled a inland route through cattle stations, Cape Crawford to Barkley Station. I am really drawn to these open spaces. I like the emptiness filled with possibilities. It's like a emptying of the soul and mind, ridding itself of clutter. I often find myself decorating the landscape, like one would a home. Placing a lounge, stand up lamp, and a small table with flowers. I see me on the lounge watching TV. No walls or ceilings just the decor sitting on the landscape. I wonder what that would look like? I bought new sunnies.This photograph was taken through my sun glasses.

We did 9 hours driving today and the children were so well behaved. They have become patient and seasoned travellers. We camped overnight on the side of the road on a cattle station.

Rhody riding on the station

the other side of our camp

off we go heading for Mt Isa, Queensland

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Robyn said...

I too love the emptiness of the open road and know exactly what you are describing.
It's magical.

Thanks for sharing your journey as I am really enjoying it too.

best wishes for safe travels.