Saturday, September 4, 2010

One week at the Kimberley - El Questro

Here we are camped at our very own private little river about 2kms from El Questro township.


A short trek into one of the many waterholes

we saw another Bower Bird nest

and wild flowers.

Day 2

The boys take a helicopter flight over the Kimberley, no doors on this helicopter

we drive up to the lookout for sunset with cheese and wine

on the way home some cows cross the road.

Day 3
We hang out at home exploring our camp site

visiting the local ants

saying hello to the cows

and checking out the wasp nest.

Day 4
Early morning swim at the hot springs

another social evening at another lookout with wine and cheese (*FYI we used to have 2 ducks named Olive and Pate' in the before children era, they were stolen from our backyard 5 years ago just before Rhody was born, ohhhh!) 

Day 5
We hired a boat for the morning and cruised down one the Gorge's

we saw some Donkey's on the way home.

Day 6
We drove all day along the Pentecost River, around the Cockburn Ranges. Through cattle stations to Wyndam and back to El Questro. We saw some Crocodiles in the wild. Big and fast!

We stopped off to look at some ancient Aboriginal rock art.
Day 7
We head towards home, Queensland.


Grandpa said...

How beautiful and relaxing it must have been. Used to do this sort of thing when we lived in Australia. Oh how we long to go back there!

The Words Crafter said...

Your photos are breathtaking. Literally. When I read that the heli had no doors, my knees went weak!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Grandpa Lovely to hear from you. Your farm sounds beautiful and relaxing. So you lived in Australia. Maybe you will come back one day. Thanks for popping in. Candyxx

Hi WC Yes I think my knees would have went weak too, if I had been up their with Rhody. WHAT IF's and all that with no doors. They had a amazing time. Candyxx

Candice Herne said...

I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read about having to ask Nana for written permission to write about her. hahah!Have a great holiday Grandpa.