Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the studio

 I feel rather indulgent having a permanent studio space available. Oh this is the way to work. I can leave everything out, close the door behind me and open it again knowing I can start again where I left off. The children also enjoy playing, making and meandering in and out when I am working.It is a lovely space we can both enjoy. (After years of kitchen tables, corners of rooms and lots of one day studio set up's. I am enjoying this space :)
 I have barely unpacked the studio and I had to get straight into work. Continuing the work I started while travelling. I have raw ochre that I found in South Australia, which I am grinding in a mortar and pestle and adding matt acrylic medium.
I am painting on to 20cm x 10cm pieces of hand made artist quality white 300gsm (thick/card) paper, which I bought from the makers workshop, Creative paper in Burnie, Tasmania. It's the raw edges on this paper which have me hooked. Every piece is individually crafted by the process which produces the soft, gentle uneven edges. I have called this series of work the Ochre Diaries, as they are a record of the time I spent travelling. Each piece has little notes made in pencil of where I was or what I was thinking, when I made the work. Next week I will show you around the other end of the studio, the gallery space and invite you to a exhibition I am having on January 12th at the Logan Regional Gallery. Till then, Candyxx

The door must be here somewhere, Northern Territory  ©      Candice Herne 2010

Bare Mountains, South Australia ©      Candice Herne 2010

I passed by a Billabong, ©      Candice Herne 2010


The Words Crafter said...

It's fabulous! I'm so happy you have such a place to work in!

I commented on your Christmas post, but blogger kept eating it and I finally gave up.

I'm blown away by your talent and creativity!

KatrinaRecycled said...

I totally love the photo of your studio set up. Wonderful, wonderful work Candy, keep it up!

Sophie Munns said...

How fantastic Candy.

great to see your space and you work happening. Brilliant you bought earth back with you from your travels...

Well...heres to wonderful fruitful times ahead for you!
S x

Candice Herne said...

Hi WC I see your book list and noticed some of my all time favourites are on the list. Funny I bought Anne of Green Gables last year hoping to read it on my trip remembering how much I too loved the series. I still haven't read it.
Thanks Katrina, hope everything went well with dropping off your work to the gallery.

Thanks Sophie, look forward to seeing your show tomorrow. What a year. Can't wait to get a copy of your book. What a achievement!