Friday, November 19, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

the log cabin
Hello I have been having a lovely break. Exploring my new town, house and studio. We started decorating the tree and making decorations today. So I thought since it looks so festive I would take some photo's of the cute log cabin in the rainforest we are renting. We put the old Bing Crosby on the Cd player danced around and got down to decorating and making things. We made star paper chains out of toilet paper (which I found out is the perfect height and width for making paper chain) and we made origami lanterns.

 Handmade clay Christmas decorations. Made buy rolling out porcelain clay and using cookie cutter shapes. Sending them to the kiln. Then when dry painting with acrylic paints. Brilliant for kids!
 Felted Christmas decorations made buy folding felt in half, drawing a shape cutting it out, so you have 2 pieces. Sewing it together and leave a opening for stuffing with cotton wool or something similar, then sew the opening together, and decorate the outside with sequins or anything. Also fun for kids!
Our Eclectic handmade decorated tree.

Origami Lantern, this is all connected by a series of folds and cuts. If anybody wants to know how to do it. I can pass on the instructions. Just email me. Till next week. Stay tuned for pictures of my new studio. Where I have been having a great time. Bring on the Rum balls!!!!! Candyxx


Robyn said...

Sooooo beautiful!

thanks for sharing the festive love.

i just might email you for that lantern pattern.

best wishes

Candice Herne said...

Hi Robyn thanks for popping in. I see u too make origami. What a great idea putting little origami love hearts into the Life Line give away items. Imagine that buying a pair of shoes, and annoyingly getting your fingers down into the tip to get out that thing that is annoying you while you walk only to pull out a love heart! cool! And your Guerilla knitting, there is something very appealing about street art. I'd love to hear how, you install your work, have you ever been questioned or stopped. Yes email for the pattern. Candyxx

Robyn said...

I just returned to look again at that beautiful lantern :)

I never made time to email you...
I went on holiday and fell ill with a virus when I returned home... then Christmas arrived and the intense heat with it... only now in recent days have I been spending any length of time at the computer.

Oh well there is always next Christmas ;)

In regards to the guerilla knitting... last year was my first time. I knit at home and then stitch them on the street.
Yes often alongside the beach people would stop to talk about what I was doing.... it was a nice way to engage with my community.

It's too hot to knit now... at the moment I'm having fun with stickers.
I'll blog more about that soon.

I really would like to do a lot more on the street.... It's fun.

Love your stuff
be well