Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting God to the Gallery for a Nice Day

 left artwork by Jen Conde

 right artwork by Susan Buret and Uta Heidelauf

 left artwork by Candice Herne, right artwork by Nicola Moss and Uta Heidelauf

On  a clear day I can see God, I II & III by Candice Herne 2010

artwork by Sandra Landolt

Nice Day! is installed now in the Gallery. This is the first time that I have seen my photographs framed. I had them framed at  Doggett St Studio because I wanted conservation framing. Thanks to Scott for squueezing the job in just before Christmas. With all the end of year appointments I had no way of picking the work up or delivering it to the gallery myself. So I used a courier,  I rang around different courier companies and they were a little duanted at the idea of picking up artwork that was not packed and delivering it to a Art Gallery. Some couiers even had on their web site no request is to big, so I rang them and it turned out they didn't have blankets or wouldn't get blankets and I couldn't pay by credit card, so I had to wait at least a day before my direct deposit would be cleared. And they weren't cheaper.

Thank goodness I got on to Pack and Send. Adam from Pack and Send (p: 07 38329229) took care of everything and made me feel very confident that the work would be looked after, nothing seemed to be to much trouble. I hinted that blankets would be needed to separate and protect the work he said don't worry we do this for galleries and artists all over Brisbane. It cost me $99 however I figured with petrol and driving once or twice to Brisbane and back to the Sunshine coast and the cost of fuel and the sanity of a 4-5 hour round trip each time pending traffic with 2 delightful children. It was money well spent. I can't wait to see them up close. The show looks great and I am really looking forward to opening night it has been a long time comming and now it's finally here. If anyone is still thinking about comming to the opening night R.S.V.P by emailing Logan Art Gallery
or  Phone: 3412 5519  otherwise it's open now till the 19th February


Anonymous said...

Its looking great Candy!

Well done...looks like it has all come together really well, despite all the weather of late....and if thats not a huge understatement!!
read about yur framing ...all in all it must be good to have the work ready and up!
See you,

Rachael Lee said...

It is always so exciting to see your work framed, it feels like the end of a journey and you get to sit back and see it with fresh eyes.
I am sure you will be very pleased with your choice of framer (I have been) and I too am looking forward to seeing them in the flesh Candy.
Great to see the sneak preview of the show.
See you at the opening

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie and Racheal thanks for your thoughts here, it is encouraging to get feedback from your peers. I look forward to seeing you both tomorrow night. Candyxx

Candice Herne said...

Sophie and Racheal please enter the competition to be in the running for the postcards. Candyxx