Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nice day! Grand Opening Giveaway

please click on the postcard to see details of the Grand Opening Giveaway

Sunrise IV, Sunset I, Dusk III, Daley Rowney watercolour postcards, ©      Candice Herne 2010

These 3 postcards have especially been chosen for the winner, from a limited edition of 12 (4 sunrise paintings, 4 sunset paintings and 4 Dusk paintings)

The 3 hand water coloured postcards are separated by tissue paper and wrapped in a custom made origami envelope made from beautiful cotton artist's paper from Tasmaina's Creative Paper. The origami envelope is secured with a white ribbon. It will be packaged in a ready to send post office bag and can be shipped anywhere in the world so please leave a comment and be in the running for these limited edition, postcard, watercolour paintings.

I will look forward to hearing from you
Good luck Candyxx


Robyn said...

Beautiful and generous!

Best wishes for the Grand Opening and a nice day ;)

Robyn said...

ooops ... I wanted to say thanks for doing this before I pushed the button and your work is looking great!

jenconde said...

Your work looks fabulous in the gallery Candy... and what a great blog. Keep up the good work, Jen

Rachael Lee said...

Lovely to see you and your work in the gallery last night Candy. Your work is beautifully presented and you can just get lost in them.
You have the most gorgeous handwriting, would love to see it incorporated in your works. I think it should be an official FONT!
Lovely work you are giving away (sending thoughts to the universe to come my way).
You are such a joy,

KatrinaRecycled said...

Absolutely wonderful opening last night, congratulations Candy and Susan, Nicola, Jen, Uta and Sandra! You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Wishing lots of success comes your way!

Julia Herne said...

Nice Day... Love ya work. Xo

Uta Heidelauf said...

Hi Candy,
I was just updating the bad artist website/blog links and am always delighted with what I find on yours every time I make a visit.
PS. Love the letting go ritual for your wishing tree. Beautiful!