Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opening night for nice day!

 Curator for Logan Art Gallery Annette Turner

 Guest Speaker and Official Opener Artist Lyndal Hargrave

 Left to right Artists Sandra Landolt, Jen Conde, Nicola Moss, Susan Buret, Uta Heidelauf and Candice Herne
 left to right Artists Racheal Lee Candice Herne and  Anita West

I would personally like to thank Logan Art Gallery and Nicola Moss and Susan Buret for their commitment and organisation of the nice day! exhibition. Your efforts are much appreciated! Candyxx

nice day! is open till 19 February

to be in the running for 3 limited edition water colour postcards please click here


Nicola Moss said...

Great pics Candice, enjoyed the night a lot.
Thanks you Candice and the other artists for making great works.

Robyn said...

Sounds like it was a happy night for a nice day.

Anonymous said...

You're so organised Candy!
...what a great idea to make the offer of your gorgeous watercolours... and on beautiful paper all the way from Tasmania!
Looks like you were having a great time Candy ...Congrats and well done you!