Thursday, February 10, 2011

Installation at Bunya Dreaming Baroon Pocket Dam, Maleny

Bunya Dreaming-Love Letters to the Universe, Installation Baroon Pocket Dam Maleny, bark, coconut husk, grass and sticks, Candice Herne 2011

I was invited to the Bunya Dreaming by a friend who recieved a message stick. A message stick (commonly called letters) is a form of communication traditionally used by Indigenous Australians. It is usually a solid piece of wood, around 20–30cm in length, etched with angular lines and dots. Traditionally, message sticks were passed between different clans and language groups to establish information and transmit messages. They were often used to invite neighbouring groups to corroborees, set-fights and ball games.

The festival was held on the banks of Baroon Pocket dam in Maleny. The Bunya Dreaming is a chance to hear the stories, reflect on the connection of people to the land and have a bit of fun. For thousands of years, Aboriginal people used to come from far away to gather at Baroon Pocket from December to March. These gatherings were a celebration of Aboriginal culture with politics, sports, justice, dissemination of information, marital arrangements and other social activities taking place. The Bunya tree was so special to the people that there were laws that precluded people harming it in any way. The festival shows that the tree is more than just an icon, it generates understanding of Aboriginal culture, provides a forum for networking and information sharing, and strengthens community partnerships.  Beverley Hand, Bunya Dreaming Coordinator

I had such a fantastic time! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Bunya Dreaming, Baroon Pocket Dam, Maleny 2011

 showing 2 installations made on the banks

Rhody helped Kim and Christine from Art4place  make their Eagle


Sharon said...

I'm positive you were invited to Melany through the universe - it is where you should be. Looks & sounds like a grat day x

The Words Crafter said...

How beautiful. It's great that tradition hasn't been lost and that you get to experience so much culture.

I've been absent a lot lately. Sick. Glad to be back.

I have goodies for you on my blog!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sharon and WC I think your right Sharon things seem to be flowing lovely at the moment. WC I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. And you are visitng me! So glad you are back on your feet! And you have something for me? You are lovely! I must tell you when i get over to you, you reintroduced me to a girl I met a few years ago in Brisbane at a womens cirlce, Jodi. It was Jodi who headed the Flood short story project here in Queensland. Small world, now we are connected through social media. Thanks WC!. Now I'm going to see what you have left me. Candyxx