Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going with the flow

Coptic Binding photographed by Candice Herne

The end of March. The year is whizzing by. The last 3 weeks have been jam packed with out of town visitors. Including the lovely Sophie Munns from Brisbane. Sophie and I caught up for a chat and a quick studio tour. It was lovely to see Sophie! I was also invited to the beautiful Rusty Roo for a social art weekend. Thanks Sharon! I had such a wonderful time.I attempted to teach myself how to Coptic bind artist books. I got  impatient and ditched the instructions and went with a Candy bind. I really would love to do a artist book workshop. I enjoy workshops, I find I enjoy the teachings and learning and enjoy the hands on interactive process. And you can ask for assistance when you get lost.

I have been watching lots of printing video's on You Tube, while these are really inspiring, and great research material. There is nothing like the hands on. And you usually meet people who are interested in the same things you are interested in.

Last Thursday night my framed photographs  'On a clear day I can see god I II III' were exhibited at the Treading Water Brisbane Flood Fundraising Event. I donated one framed photograph valued at $1200 to raise money for the Queensland Premier 's Disaster Relief Appeal.

The creativity has been flowing here at the Candice Herne Studio. Next post I will share with you the start of my creative journey and spend the next few posts showing you different parts of it. There is also a invitation to exhibit in Brisbane early October. And my son Rhody has been productively making monotype wrapping paper. Rhody also designed the packaging and label and has been invited to set up a stall in the 'Entrpreneurs corner' at the local  Montville Markets. Can't wait for that one :)! till next post. Candyxx


Robyn said...

I like reading about the creative fun in your neck of the woods.
I would love to have a studio and hope to make that come true next time we move house.

Keep living what you love

best wishes

ps... I've just posted some pics from crystal castle... have you been there? So beautiful.

KatrinaRecycled said...

Gee you have been busy!! I would love to do an artist book workshop too, some of my favourite bloggers make these but they are overseas!
Looking forward to photos of Rhody's creative pursuits, bet they are amazing!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Robyn No I haven't beento Crystal Castle looks like you had a lovely time. Yes it is lovely have a studio. Hope you are well.Candyxx

Hi Katrina Rhody has his first market this weekend. His paper looks brilliant. I'll post some photo's next week. I am enjoying your doodling/rusting post and your trip camping. Talk soon. Candyxx