Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ephemeral Art

  Little China Shoe, Australian Animal tooth sculpture, photography ©  Candice Herne, 2011

 Funny Bone, Australian Animal bone sculpture, photography © Candice Herne, 2011

Key to my heart, Australian Animal bone sculpture, photography © Candice Herne, 2011

I have a strong and natural attraction for materials and objects that are found in nature. Feathers, leaves, bark, wood, bones, shells, flowers and seeds.

While walking around the over grown orchard at the front of our property. I came across a animal skeleton about 50 cm long and 20cm high. The skeleton was clean. No hair or carcass. It had been there for awhile. I didn't recognise the animal. The children and I picked up the bones, took them home and bleached them.

Ephemera-Lasting one day, transitory, existing only briefly. Ephemera is used to describe objects found in nature, although it can describe a wide range of things. Some may argue that everything is ephemeral. Nothing lasts forever. Globally we are experiencing that very idea that nothing lasts forever. Towns and Cities are being destroyed, environments stripped of life.

I see such wisdom, power and beauty in nature. A natural order, pattern, energy and flow exists. 

I recently started a yoga class where the teacher had a strand of black mangrove seeds threaded into a necklace. I  instantly admired the strand 'this is beautiful' I said, 'I am always looking for these seeds when I go to the beach, they are  like finding gold!' We both laughed,  'yes gold', the teacher said. I found someone who knew exactly what I am talking about. We both discussed the delight in finding these black seeds. 'I have them all', she said. I found them at Mudjimba Beach, but they have now moved to Cotton Tree. I was transported immediately in the idea of moving tides, and black gold being washed onto the shore. I wonder where they will go next? I am promised a mangrove seed everytime I attend her Yoga class, definately a huge incentive!

 Nature is tangible, visual, tactile and interactive. I can see it, hear it, smell it and experience it. There is practical truth about life and death. Ecosystems identifying that everything depends on something to survive, creating the world we live in. Nothing is isolated, or individualized. Nature is the sum of all its parts. Built on relationships.

By way of making art from natural materials I think about giving life. Like giving the material or object a second  life. Recycling  material that naturally exists to create something else. Using something that already holds power and beauty just by being itself. Candyxx


KatrinaRecycled said...

Beautiful words Candy. I will try to collect you some mangrove seeds while on holidays at Burrum.
I love having something to search for while I am roaming along the beaches and riverways!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Katrina
Have a lovely holiday! Thank you for looking for these seeds for me! I'm excited! Happy Easter! Candyxx

Gypsy Mel said...

Hi Candice finally someone who understands the little treasures nature leaves for us to discover and appreciate...such as bones washed ashore and other flotsam and jetsom. I live at Margate Beach Redcliffe and collect sea glass and animal bones that wash ashore I'm not sure what your mangrove seeds look like though ? do you have any pictures so I may collect some for you. I love your page and your art...happy hippy hugs Melissa ( I think I'm very new to all this and yours is the first page i've written on .