Monday, April 18, 2011

Dragonfly photographs at home

There are so many animals where I live 100's of different kinds of Moths. 1.5metre Goanna's. Wallabies, Bush Turkey's, Bush rats, Foxes, Hawks, frogs and lots of Spiders. Not everyones idea of Paradise. You'll find me most days photographing something.

 Yesterday it was these mating Dragonflys. Dragonfly's live for just over 12 months. We only see
them for about 2 months in their Adult form as we see them here, before they die. The heart position they are in is called the wheel position (even Dragonfly's have position names)

I followed these 2 around for about 10minutes. They flew around connected like this for at lease 20minutes. As they landed I managed to get very close to them to photograph them. They seemed oblivious to my presence. The male will stay connected to the female until she lays her eggs and in some cases just so she will not mate again. Poor girl she only has a 2 month window.


Sophie Munns said...

The most superb photos of dragon flies I've ever laid eyes on Candy!
Looks blissful!
S x

The Words Crafter said...

And aren't they just beautiful?!!!!

Where you live sounds like heaven to me :)

Julia said...

These dragonfly photos are beautiful!!

Robyn said...

and I hope you are all well again.