Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handmade wrapping paper for Christmas

One of the highlights this year was helping Rhody with his wrapping paper project. He thoroughly enjoyed creating painterly printed paper in the studio and of course having Mummy's undivided attention. Not only did he enjoy making the paper. But he also had wonderful times at both the Montville Market and the Heavenly Harvest Market were he regularly sold his handmade wrapping paper. Rhody made friends with the Juice lady Sue at the Heavenly Harvest Market. You would find Rhody at every market busily making fabulous experimental Juices side by side with Sue.

At our local Montville market where it all started in the Young Entrepreneurs Corner Rhody made friends with the local children and contributed as a member of a community. He made sure he tipped the musician's, selected seedlings for the vegetable garden; played the hall Piano, made arts and crafts with his friends, worked on the school's stall, ate lots of barbeque breakfasts, pancakes and drank litres of fruit and ginger juice. He learnt how to Juggle, was interviewed by Alistair Mcleod for a Queensland TV show. And survived 6am starts in sometimes cyclonic weather (and I never heard a moan, I might add.) Yes! he loved it all! We always spent way more than we ever earned but we and he gained so much more from the experience than we could possibly have imagined. I am not sure what we may do next year. However when I asked Rhody if he wanted to do his wrapping paper again next year he said Yes without any hesitation. He is in year 2 next year, so if we go ahead I think I will introduce accounting into the process. That will be interesting. We always get lots of feedback from our loyal customers saying their friends loved the paper their present was wrapped in and most would say that they framed it. One person even used it as a table runner. Creative!

So I'll leave you here and wish you all very happy Holidays a safe and joyous festive season and see U in the new year. Candyxx


Nicola Moss said...

What a wonderful way to learn and experience life, community and everything else...well done Candice and Rhody.
Have a fabulous Christmas!

Robyn said...

What fun... and handmade wrapping paper is my favourite kind. It's something we usually do, but ran out of time this Christmas/

Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a creative year ahead.


Sophie Munns said...

What a riot of colour and festivity Candy!

Always busy creating something aren't you... and of course with the children... have a delightful Christmas and many, many good things to you in 2012!

Candice Herne said...

Thanks Nicola,Robyn and Sophie Happy New Year it's going to be the best yet! Candyxx