Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree decorations made from Newspaper

 Christmas is my favourite time of year. I relish in making, baking, giving and receiving. I have a tradition that every year I make some handmade Tree decorations. This year I made some out of newspaper. Origami cranes, rolls covered in red cotton, layered lantern balls and words. I'm off this evening to a very special champagne celebration. By myself with out the children. I think I may let my hair out a little. It's been a busy, fun, successful year full of creativity. See U soon.    Candyxx


Nicola Moss said...

Beautiful as always Candice.xx.
Hope you enjoyed the Champagne evening.

Candice Herne said...

Hi Nicola thank you for your comment. The champagne evening was lovely in Caloundra. I ate, drank, sang Christmas Carols, walked along the beach. And suprisingly saw spectacular fire works. I say suprising as I not a big fan of FW but I don't know maybe it was the Champagne but the one's I saw were pretty spectacular.:) Happy Holidays! and see u in the New Year. Candyxx