Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Easter Traditions

 Easter Tradition, digital photograph © Candice Herne 2012

Easter is a Christian Feast celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
To be honest Easter has never been a time that I have given much thought to. Usually it involves a quick dash to the store to grab some chocolate eggs and that's about it. I only realised Monday was also a public holiday yesterday.

Although now since having children I have been pondering, how to create special times, special bonds, family rituals and family traditions.
Religious Organisations are smothered in mysterious  holdiay's festival's traditions, ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. Lent, Passover, Bar mitzvah just to name a couple. These traditions seem to be the building blocks of faith, belonging, community, connection, celebration, and rights of passage. Eager to build my own Family traditions I take from this a procedures manual on how to create my own family ceremonies and traditions. After discussing this with Suki aged 3 I asked her what special thing she would like all of her family to do this Easter. She said a photograph with Mummy, Daddy, Rhody, and Sparkie (the dog). So with that idea sorted together we decided on our location which was to be outside by the tree swing (which is where Easter Bunny hid all the eggs), then some sort set design. Aunty Jenny, Jessma and Kai were to come for a early dinner, so we decided to set up a pretty dining table under the tree. We needed a beautiful centre piece so Rhody set about finding the 3 tiered stand to fill it with all our Easter eggs and flowers from the garden. We took our New Easter Tradition family photograph then had a family feast. We will build on this idea of celebrating the family/family tradition and ritual and come up with something for Christmas. Happy Easter! Candyxx


Nicola Moss said...

What a lovely idea Candice, family photos with great memories for all of you.

Candice Herne said...

Thanks Nicola. Congratulations on your art award. NIcely Done! Hope to catch up this year. :) Candy