Sunday, November 27, 2011

Community Arts Project - limited edition poster

School, Pinata fish, Community Arts Projects, limited edition poster, 25cmx37.5cm $25 & 50cmx75cm $55 including postage, Candice Herne 2011

I'm nearly ready for the Angels in Brisbane exhibition this friday night. I decided to ditch my profile idea. Instead I have designed a poster and card, which I pick up on Thursday Fun fun fun! This collectible fun Pop Art inspired Poster is available in 2 sizes:

25cm x 37.5cm @$25 including postage
50cm x 75cm @ $55 including postage

for enquiries please email:

Please click here to see the history and story behind these characters.

Also I am busily preparing for Christmas my favourite time of the year. Can't wait to show you the beautiful handmade tree decorations I have made this year out of newspaper. see u soon


Susan Buret said...

Oh they make me laugh! Are they modelled on anyone you know? Good luck with the exhibition.

Candice Herne said...

Hi Susan love the new blog look! But where do I comment? It was a great night at the exhibition sold out of Pinatas now. Thank goodness! I was wondering how I would store them. Hope you are feeling a little better. Keep up the good work! Happy holidays!!!! Candyxx